Religion and Culture in Early Modern Italy

Miranda Schonbrun

Religion and Culture in Early Modern Italy

October 29, 2021 / 7:00 am - 11:00 am / Add to Google

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Please join the Program in Renaissance & Early Modern Studies (UC Berkeley) and the Department of History (UBC) for the workshop “Religion and Culture in Early Modern Italy.”

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7 am–7:15 am PST (4 pm CEST)
Opening Remarks
– John Christopoulos (UBC) and Diego Pirillo (UC Berkeley)—Opening Remarks

7:15 am–8:15 am PST (4:15 pm CEST)
Heresy and Religious Dissent
– Emily Michelson (University of St Andrews)—Walking a Thin Line: Protestants on Foot in Rome
– Alessandra Celati (University of Verona)—Mapping Religious Dissent in Sixteenth-Century Venice
– Hannah Marcus (Harvard University)—Beheading the Hydra: Antonio Castelvetro, The Congregation of the Index, and an Imagined Future for Print Censorship

8:15 am–8:55 am PST (5:15 CEST)
Catholicism and Mediterranean Crossings
– Tamar Herzig (Tel Aviv University)—Commemorating Early Modern Slavery: Religious Difference, Gender, and Culture
– Eric Dursteler (Brigham Young University)—The Inquisitor at the Table: Food and Identity in Mediterranean Tribunals of the Roman Inquisition

8:55 am—9:05 am PST (5:55 pm CEST)

9:05 am–9:45 am PST (6:05 pm CEST)
A New Diplomatic History of the Counter-Reformation

– Alana Mailes (University of Cambridge)—Diplomats at Vespers: Foreign Intelligencers and Sacred Music in Seicento Venice
– Joe Amato (Stanford University)—Heresy, Medici Politics, and the Making of a Tuscan Church

9:45 am–10:45 am PST (6:45 pm CEST)
Art, Material Culture and Mobility

– Grace Harpster (Georgia State University)—Art and the Pastoral Visit: Implementing Image Reform after Trent
– Paul Nelles (Carleton University)—Madonnas and Martyrs: The Madonna of Santa Maria Maggiore in Global Transit (1569–1639)
– Talia Di Manno (UC Berkeley)—Christian Archaeology and the Defense of Papal Primacy after Valla

10:45 am–11:00 am PST (7:45 pm CEST)

11 am PST (8 pm CEST)
Conclusions and Group Discussion

– Stefania Tutino (UCLA)—Concluding Remarks and Group Discussion

Presented by the Renaissance & Early Modern Studies Program (UC Berkeley), and the Department of History (UBC)